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Amish-made quilts and wall hangings from Old-Order Amish families of Ethridge, Tennessee: We are quilting specialists striving to offer exceptional examples of the Amish quilting tradition. The majority of our Amish-made quilts exceed the standard count of 6 quilted stitches per inch, with many reaching the expert range of nine to ten per inch. We offer dozens of handmade quilts in nontraditional and traditional Amish patterns, each a fine example of Amish hand quilting. Our quilters are available to create custom quilts to your design, color and size specifications from cutting and piecing your top through hand quilting and binding. Our handcrafted bed quilts make outstanding house warming or wedding gifts, available in sizes from twin through king bed. Your gifts may be personalized by our monogramming service. We also offer Hand Made Baskets including Amish hand crafted ash slatted baskets, and collapsible oak wooden baskets.


I am working closely with a community of 155 Old-Order Amish families living in Ethridge, Tennessee. Each quilt is made in our homes. Since they've no electric, quilts are machine pieced on treadle sewing machines and hand quilted. Fabrics are 100% cotton or cotton/poly blends. The quilts are batted in either 100% cotton which gives a flatter, more antique appearance or polyester which lofts to accentuate the hand stitching. All fabrics have been laundered to allow for shrinkage and running of dyes prior to quilting, and may now be safely machine washed and dried. For more detailed information about us and our quilts, click here. Amish Hand Quilting

Feature Quilt:  Grandmother's Fan

MBY-154Q                       $ 800.00

We are privileged to bring you this absolutely stunning traditional Old-Order Amish approach to the Grandmother's Fan quilt.  The piecing is flawless;  the colors of teal, eggplant, burgundy, navy, and hunter green were perfectly selected to harmonize for a dramatic visual effect; and the quilting is nothing short of amazing.  Everything about this quilt is 'Collector Quality', it represents the epitome of Amish workmanship in every single detail. This gorgeous quilt is loaded with 482 yards of hand quilting, accomplished at 9-10 stitches per inch, a rare skill level in today's marketplace.  At 92 x 106" it fits precisely on a Queen size bed.  We are so confident you will be thoroughly impressed and awestruck by the superior workmanship in this quilt, we will pay the return shipping if you aren't delighted!!   $800.00


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Our pieced, ready-made quilts can be uniquely identified by the color highlighted order number that  appears in the item description.  When placing an order for these traditional quilts, kindly reference the order number.

To view our inventory click on your size requirements:

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Whole Cloth


In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in whole cloth quilts. Whole cloths are the perfect canvas to showcase a quilter's expertise. As the name implies, a whole cloth quilt consists of a top layer composed of a single piece of fabric, usually white or ecru, but always a solid color. The pattern or design on a whole cloth is achieved entirely of intricate quilting.

Also, we are now offering a line of Amish-made, hardwood quilt hangers designed to evenly distribute your quilt's weight, thus protecting it while it is on display. Our quilt hangers are entirely handmade right down to the wooden knobs.

Click here for your free gift basket and for information on how to place your order.


Amish Made Quilt Tops

If we don't happen to have a ready-made quilt that fits your size and color requirements, check out our Amish Made Quilt Tops, we can quilt these for you, or you can do the quilting.



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Each quilt is unique; once it is sold, there is no quilt like the one you missed. These authentic Amish handcrafted quilts become family treasures that increase in value with the passage of time.

If you love to quilt but hate to piece, we would be happy to piece a top for you in your size, pattern, and color preference. Since we design and build quilts from start to finish, we can make a quilt any way you wish. Even if you have a quilt that is not completed, we can finish it for you. Our expert Amish quilters are ready to turn your old or new quilt top into a cherished family heirloom. Just click Custom Services to learn more.

We offer an extensive inventory of patterns, colors and sizes. New quilts are arriving weekly and not all available quilts are on display. A quilt previously displayed on this site may well have been returned to inventory.

We feature a wide variety of gathering baskets, market baskets, egg baskets as well as unique wooden folding baskets. View our constantly changing inventory of baskets to see the various sizes, colors, and styles.

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If you have any questions about inventory, comments, or curiosities, I am Lydia. If you click this icon anywhere on our site, I will be happy to respond to your questions.

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