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Policies and Payments

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Sales Policies and Warranty
Our products are individually crafted, one of a kind, items; they are available on a first come, first served basis. Our customer service personnel will work closely with you to ensure the products you receive will be what you expect. We have brought together quality materials with skilled craftsman to offer superior products at affordable prices. We are so confident you will be pleased with our value and workmanship that each of our products is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please write us at 4111 Highway 43N, Ethridge, Tennessee, 38456 email Elizabeth; or call us at 931-840-5522 to arrange store credit, exchange, or refund. Custom-made items may be returned for defects in materials or workmanship. 

Due to receiving hundreds of non-business related emails (spam) a day; we are attempting to curtail this abuse. You will notice a beginning title for emails has been placed on the subject line. You could really help us by leaving the title unchanged and write your content in body of the email.  If you want to alter the title, please leave those key words unchanged and append any titling you would like after it. For example, Elizabeth emails: the beginning title "Elizabeth can help by...." could be appended to "Elizabeth can help by.... calling me."

At Plain & Simple Quilts, we believe your personal information is just that, personal. As a commitment to your right to have your account treated confidentially, we do not sell your personal data, or make it available to anyoneAll information is stored for our business use only. Your order information will not generate unwanted ads or emails.

Our employees strive to provide the highest level of customer service available in today's business environment. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the response from any of our staff, we urge you to email directly to the Proprietor of Plain & Simple Quilts for a prompt follow-up to your concern.

Payment Options

MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Cards

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. To protect the security of your personal information, we ask that you provide your name and telephone number in an email so we may call you. We will ask for the type of credit card, credit card number and pin (on the back of your card), the expiration date, name that appears on the card, and the billing address. If you would prefer, you may call us at 931-840-5522 from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. CST with your credit card information.

A personal check is welcomed. Please understand that this will delay shipment of items from inventory by as little as one week after receipt of the check in our office. If you prefer to pay by certified check or money order, we can ship immediately upon receipt of your payment. Please use our business address at Plain & Simple Quilts, 2330 Westgate Court, Columbia, Tennessee 38401.

For your convenience Layaway is an option available for quilt purchases.  A minimum of $100.00 initial payment by personal check, credit card, or money order is required to begin the lay away.  Thereafter, a minimum payment of $50.00 a month is required.  A statement of payment history and balance due will be sent via email at the first of the following month.  We ask only that payments are regular and monthly.  A 90-day lapse without payment will prompt a friendly reminder, but 30 days after the reminder if no payment is received, your purchase will be returned to inventory and all payments to the layaway will be forfeited. 

We regret that installments on layaways may not be applied to credit cards.  This is not our policy, but that of the major credit card companies in response to fraud.  

Every attempt is made to make a personal connection with every customer. You will be contacted promptly to provide information or complete your order, after which time, you will receive an invoice by email confirming your purchase.

We endeavor to provide true customer service to each person doing business with us!

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Ordering Information

Ready-Made Quilts, Ready-Made Tops, Amish Dolls, Quilt Hangers and Racks

Please send us an email with the following information included:

Custom-ordered quilts require a one-third down payment upon order confirmation. You will be notified by email when your quilt is placed with a quilter. At that time, a second installment may be paid. When the quilt is completed, the final payment will be due which includes shipping charges as well as insurance. You will be notified by email of the final balance due. You may be notified by telephone if you prefer this method to email. If you have not already read the sales policies and payment options, please take a moment to review them.

Did you miss the payment plans we offer? Click here to move up this page to see our various payment options.

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What Our Customer Are Saying About Us.

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Not intending to "toot our own horn," but wanting instead for you to feel comfortable and confident shopping with us, we have compiled unsolicited comments from some of our customers. We present them for your review below:

Custom Quilt: WOW! It is beautiful, it is awesome, it is truly an heirloom, it is 100 times nicer than I dreamed or planned! You took an idea (dream) and made it reality! Never in my thoughts or plans did I ever think the quilt would be the heirloom you ladies created." NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE

Ready Made Quilt:  "It is a wonderful quilt, and it is obviously the result of hard work and exceptional skill.  I am so pleased." NEW YORK CITY

Hand Quilting:  "The quilt was delivered this morning.  It is beautiful!  Please tell Katie that I am extremely happy with her work on this one." TEXAS
Hand Quilting:  "I got the quilt yesterday, and it looks GREAT! The quilting is very precise, very complete.  Tell Katie that I am grateful for the care she took, and say thank you." 
Hand Quilting:  "The quilt is home and I am so pleased! Please tell Elizabeth 'thank you' for working so hard to finish my work-in-progress!  It is such a relief to have that quilt in the 'done' column."
Custom Quilt:  "Thank you for one of the two most beautiful quilts I've ever seen.  It is really gorgeous and when I look at the stitching it doesn't seem possible a human being could have done it, but, obviously, they did."  CALIFORNIA
Hand Quilting:  "The quilt is magnificent.  Thank you so much for the wonderful services you and the quilter rendered.  Again, many, many thanks, we shall treasure the quilt for many generations to come."  COLORADO
Hand Quilting:     "I received the quilt today.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Emma did an amazing job, as did you, preparing it, and then binding it.  Thank you for all of your hard work."  LOUISIANA
Hand Quilting:  "I received my quilt on Friday and it looks great.  I want to thank you for taking my heirloom and making it complete for me.  I would like you to personally thank Mrs. Miller for me, her work is great and with her personal touches have really added to making the quilt a treasure for me and my family."


Quilt Hanger: "The quilt hanger did, in fact, arrive on Sat. It is very nice, just what I wanted. Thanks." ARIZONA

Ready Made Quilt: "I received my quilt today and it is so very Beautiful!! I am amazed by the amount of quilting and how tiny the stitches are! Please let Annie Yoder know how thrilled I am with her quilt!" CONNECTICUT

Quilt Hanger: "I received the quilt hanger. It is great! I have hung the piece I needed it for. It looks terrific. Thanks for your great customer service." VIRGINIA

Ready-Made Quilt: "The quilt has arrived in very good condition. It is even more beautiful than on the picture. I am very happy with it. Thank you for all the good care. Please send our wishes and greetings to Elizabeth Gingerich and assure her she is a wonderful quilter. We will do business again in the future." THE NETHERLANDS

Custom Quilt: "We received the wall hanging and the little basket. They are both lovely. Thank you for all your help." WASHINGTON

Custom Hand quilting: "The quilt arrived and it is exquisite and in perfect condition. Never dreamed that little top could be so magnificent. Mrs. Yoder is a beautiful stitcher. I would appreciate you forwarding our delight and awe in her work. Again, I want to thank you and Mrs. Yoder. One day I will start (piecing) again. Be assured it will be sent straight your way. I am thrilled." NORTH CAROLINA

Custom Hand Quilting: "Received the quilt this morning. It is absolutely wonderful. Such beautiful work that the ladies did for me. Thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided. I will definitely be a repeat customer." TENNESSEE

Baskets: "I did receive the baskets today. They are wonderful. I will keep Plain & Simple Quilts in mind the next time I need to have a gift." GEORGIA

Ready Made Quilts: "I got them and I loved them." WASHINGTON

Custom Hand Quilting: "It is so beautiful!!! Please tell Mary I love the hearts in the orange border. The brown for the binding is perfect. And the brown thread she used shows up wonderfully on the orange backing. I also like the card saying who quilted it." FLORIDA

Custom Hand quilting: I really do love the quilt. The quilting is exceptional. I wish I could quilt as well. I am very happy with it. As soon as I finish this other appliqué quilt top ...., I will be letting you know about doing that one also. WASHINGTON

Custom Hand quilting: "I thought the women did a beautiful job of quilting on the two tops I gave you. I could not be more pleased. When I finish piecing another quilt, I'll be in touch with you." TENNESSEE

Custom-Made Quilt: "I have received the quilt today. I just love it!! It is so beautiful. Elizabeth did an excellent job on it, and Sharon too!! I am very pleased. Thank you so much for working with me on such a short time frame! I will keep your website handy for future reference." TEXAS


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