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 Highlighted Brickwork Twin Bed Quilt

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RH-95T       $520.00         


This adorable twin size bed quilt in the Brickwork Trip Pattern was treadle sewing machine pieced and hand quilted by the Hershberger women.  While it is a 'community' quilt, in that many hands took part in the quilting, the quilting is exceptional at 9-10 stitches per inch.  It is very rare that a pastel quilt comes out of this Old Order Amish community, but this quilt was special from the start.  One of the Hershberger children was badly scalded last year in an accident with the copper boiler where water for doing laundry is heated on the stove.  The three year old was first at Vanderbilt Childrens Burn Unit and was later transferred to the Shriner's Hospital in Cincinnati to undergo numerous skin grafts that required a lengthy hospital stay. A non-Amish family friend donated the fabrics, which accounts for the use of pastels. Rebecca did the cutting and piecing, and gathered all the women together to put their hands to the beautiful quilting.  Among the Old Order Amish the use of pastel fabrics is forbidden, but since the quilt was never intended for their own use and was being made strictly to be sold to generate income to off-set hospital bills, it was allowed.  

Twin Bed Quilts

Pattern: Brickwork*  RH-95T

Size: 72"x 78"

Stitches per Inch: 9-10 (expert)

Quilting: 288 Yards

Price: $520.00   

Ohio Star Bed Quilt

Pattern: Ohio Star*  MLG-52T

Size: 67"x 93"

Quilting: 230 Yards

Price: $520.00

*Stars are in wine, teal, and tobacco with wine border sashing.

9 Patch Diamond Twin Quilt

Pattern: 9 Patch Diamond MH-33T

Size: 68"x 77"

Stitches per Inch: 9 (expert)

Quilting: 218 Yards

Price: $392.00 

Trip Around the World Twin Bed Quilt

Pattern: Trip Around the World EG-2T

Size: 66"x 78"

Stitches per Inch: 7 (superior)

Quilting: 201 Yards

Price: $416.00

Multi-Diamond Square Twin Bed Quilt

Pattern: Multi-Diamond Square EG-16T

Size: 71"x 83"

Stitches per Inch: 8 (superior)

Quilting: 225 Yards

Price: $462.00  

Sunshine and Shadows Twin Bed Quilt

Pattern: Sunshine and Shadows EZ-3T

Size: 76" x 89"

Stitches per Inch: 7 (superior)

Quilting: 220 Yards

Price: $ 525.00

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